Company History

Company History

Zhongcheng is a global supplier

- Guangdong Zhongcheng Chemicals Co., Ltd was founded in March as a single plant in Guangdong to produce sodium hydrosulfite. The plant is 5 km away from Huangpu, the largest port in southern China.

The largest Chinese hydrosulfite plant
1994 - Our plant reached the capacity of 18,000 MT/year in the first year of operation and made Zhongcheng the largest hydrosulfite plant in China. Using advanced technology, we managed to produce the chemical with only 1/3 of the energy consumption required by Japanese manufacturers.

The largest sodium hydrosulfite Plant in the world
1994-1998 - By 1998, our Guangdong plant became the largest sodium hydrosulfite plant in the world - our capacity reached 90,000 MT/year.

Domestic market leader
1998 - Zhongcheng acquired 70% interest in the second largest hydrosulfite plant (30,000 MT/year capacity) in China located in Hunan, South China. As a result of this acquisition, we captured 80% of the market share in the domestic hydrosulfite industry.

Global expansion
1999 - Zhongcheng targeted to strengthen its role in the global hydrosulfite market.

  • We decided to further increase our capacity by constructing a new hydrosulfite facility in our Guangdong plant
  • We paid significant attention to safety and environmental issues and invested heavily to build waste material disposal systems. We also started producing a series of recycled products, such as sodium thiosulfate, CO2, and dry ice. Our export exceeded 45,000 MT in this year.

1/3 of global capacity
2000 - Zhongcheng's hydrosulfite production yield accounted for more than one third of the global hydrosulfite capacity after our new hydrosulfite facility began production. Our total capacity reached 190,000 MT/year in this year.

H2O2 plant entered production, ISO9001:2000 certified
2001 - Zhongcheng established a brand new hydrogen peroxide plant and began production in the same year. It is the largest hydrogen peroxide plant in China with an annual capacity over 35,000mt. This introduction broadened our bleaching products portfolio.

We are ISO9001:2000 certified as of October 2001 for the "design, production and servicing of sodium hydrosulfite, sodium metabisulfite, sodium hyposulfite, anhydrous sodium sulfite, liquid carbon dioxide"

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