AZ introduces sodium percarbonate into household products industry

For immediate release

Sep 30th, 2002 : Fremont, CA - AZ Chemicals, Inc announces the immediate availability of sodium percarbonate (SPC).

Designed to be an effective oxidizing bleach agent, sodium percarbonate serves as an environment-friendly alternative to chlorine bleach. It provides powerful cleaning, bleaching, sterilizing, deodorizing and stain removal capabilities.

"The release of sodium percarbonate marks an important milestone for Zhongcheng. SPC broadens our bleaching chemicals portfolio and shows our commitment to producing environment-friendly products. Being the largest producer of hydrogen peroxide in China, Zhongcheng is uniquely positioned to reliably supply sodium percarbonate worldwide by having control of its most crucial raw material. SPC will become one of our core products along with sodium hydrosulfite. It will provide a source of growth for Zhongcheng." said Mr. Zhong Cunren, General Manager for Guangdong Zhongcheng Chemicals Co. Ltd.

Sodium percarbonate, also known as solid hydrogen peroxide, is an addition of hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate. It provides a stable source of alkaline hydrogen peroxide ideal for household applications. End uses for sodium percarbonate include household stain remover, laundry detergent, and all fabric bleach.

AZ Chemicals, Inc markets chemical products and services for Guangdong Zhongcheng Chemicals Co, Ltd. in North America. Exporting to over 60 countries, Zhongcheng is a leading manufacturer of bleaching products in Asia and the largest sodium hydrosulfite producer in the world with an annual capacity of 190,000mt.

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