Our operations

Our Operations

We operate two manufacturing plants in China.

  • Dongguan, Guangdong - 3 km from Port of Huangpu, China, 100 km from Hong Kong
  • Zhuzhou, Hunan - Largest railway junction in South China

The plants are strategically located close to major transportation hubs. This allows our products to be transported to locations worldwide regularly and frequently. The two plants operate three independent production lines, providing maximum supply stability and reliability.

All two plants and all three lines standardize on the same efficient sodium formate for sodium hydrosulfite. Whatever we learn from one production line can be adopted everywhere else. The economy of scale allows us to be the lowest cost producer in the world.

Zhongcheng Manufacturing Locations


Metric Tons / Year
  Sodium Hydrosulfite 160,000
  Hydrogen Peroxide 30,000
  Sodium Percarbonate 16,000
  Sodium Metabisulfite 100,000
  Sodium Sulfite 16,000
  Sodium Thiosulfate 5,000
  Carbon Dioxide 40,000
  Dry Ice 8,000
  High Purity Hydrogen 300 NM3/Hour
  Sodium Hydrosulfite 30,000
  Rongalite 4,000
  Zinc Oxide 3,000
Capacity of Hydrogen Peroxide is 100% based

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