Solution Hydrosulfite


Solution sodium hydrosulfite

Solution hydrosulfite has proven to be an effective bleaching, brightening and de-colorization agent. Designed for large volume usage, solution hydrosulfite is ideal for the pulp and paper and kaolin clay industries. It provides a convenient alternative to solid sodium hydrosulfite.

Better solution from better powder

Our solution hydrosulfite comes from pre-dissolving our powder hydrosulfite, the same chemical that many industries have relied on for decades for its effective reductive capabilities. By virtue of our manufacturing process via sodium formate, our solution originating from powder has higher strength than solution produced by competing processes. Our higher solution stability also avoids the need for costly refrigeration during transportation. All these mean greater savings to you due to our solution's higher consistency and less wastage.

Higher availability through lower capital requirement

With no manufacturing plants to build, there are no needs for heavy capital investment. Nor are there needs for costly borohydride reactors. Our solution hydrosulfite is available in more locations due to our dissolving facilities' simple design and low capital requirement.

Convenient yet safe

In addition, with no reactors and totes to handle, solution hydrosulfite can be used directly in your production processes. Using solution hydrosulfite completely eliminates the needs for storing and handling hazardous SO2. Remote monitoring and vendor managed inventory are available for better management and greater convenience.

Product specifications

Na2S2O4 : 165 grams/Liter (1.38 lb / gal)
Storage Temperature: 5°C - 25 °C (41°F- 77°F)

Common Applications

Solution sodium hydrosulfite is commonly used in the newsprint industry to brighten mechanical pulp. It has proven to be a cost effective means to achieving many points of brightness by its reductive capability. This chemical is also commonly used in de-inking mills to decolorize recycled fiber. It also has wide application in the Kaolin clay industry, acting as a reducing agent and brightening the clay.

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